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Whether it is bath remodel or a kitchen remodel you want something that pops as well as something that’s affordable and within your budget. There is just something about kitchens and baths that we love to redo and update them.

Both are integral to our lifestyle and because of this the end result should be a kitchen and bath showroom. Something that your proud of and enjoy showing off.

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Dazzle your family with a newly remodeled kitchen

And though you want a signature kitchen that your friends will marvel over, it’s crucial not to sacrifice form for function. Manchester Remodeling Pros is your kitchen and bath remodeling contractor that can strike that balance between budget, wow and functionality.

We would love the opportunity to show you how we can give you an affordable kitchen and bath that you will absolutely love.

Whether it's a kitchen or a bath we are the kitchen and bath store that is above the rest.

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St. Louis Kitchen Remodel St. Louis MO

The St. Louis Kitchen is heart of the home. It is not only where we prepare are meals but it is the center of where the family meets. Whether it is a cup of coffee in the morning with your partner or relaxing with tea in the evening something about the kitchen is special.

It tends to be the place where people congregate a party. Or if a good friend or family member comes by we often end up sitting at the kitchen table and talking.

Because it is such a central part of our lifestyle kitchens take special consideration. You want a kitchen design that is practical, affordable and beautiful.

Where most kitchen updates go wrong is that the beautiful because to only focus of the design team. When you don’t balance aesthetics with budget you end up with a kitchen design that you can’t afford.

We are your partner and advocate from initial planning to completion. We will monitor the design phase and notify you when budget busters are being considered. You can depend our knowledge of construction costs to keep your project within your budget.

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Nothing makes a lifestyle statement like an awesome kitchen

Components Of A Kitchen Makeover  Manchester MO

In the planning stage we want to get an idea of the theme you are looking for in your kitchen. You wanting a modern kitchen and bath or more of an old fashion farmhouse in St. Louis. The clear you vision is as to the end result you desire the better we can assist in you in picking the perfect components of your kitchen so you will be totally in love with the end result.

Things to consider are do you want granite counter tops, concrete, tile, laminate, etc. Your counter top needs to be durable, functional, eye catching and in align with the overall look.

Custom cabinets are a large part of the expense in a kitchen renovation. Many people want to tear out the old and 

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Nothing is a welcoming as a beautiful kitchen

completely replace them. But there are other options such as re-facing or refinishing that can give you a whole new look and help keep the project affordable.

Fixtures and appliances are the accents or accessories that can take a kitchen make over off the chart. They are the little details that can that a kitchen from bland to glam.

Other components that can be the tipping point to make your new kitchen the envy of all the neighbors is flooring and lighting. Flooring that is durable and easy to clean can keep your kitchen looking brilliant for years to come. Well design and placed accent lighting can be a game changer. It is one of those thing that is often over looked but truly make your kitchen distinctive.

Kitchen Renovation Custom Cabinets Design And Installation Manchester Missouri

We’re not telling you anything new when we say that cabinetry is a key factor in the functionality of a kitchen. Beyond just the design of the cabinets and their numerous features, the place of the cabinets in relation to the kitchen sink, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and other very appliances will be the biggest factor ease of daily use.

Things to consider when designing cabinet placement is how often do you cook. And what type of cooking. Do you do a lot baking? Stove top cooking? Are you a vegetable lover who does a lot of prep work when you cook? Or do you just tend to through things in the microwave.

What kind of storage do you need? Do you store mostly canned and dry foods? Do you keep prefer fresh food and that requires keeping a lot of perishables fresh?

Another kitchen design question is, how happy are you with your current kitchen layout? What frustrates you? Is cooking a cooperative effort at your house? And if it is, do you find yourself bumping into and stumbling into each other.

One your kitchen remodel is done you need to not only love the way they look but have a room that supports your cooking habits not impede them.

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The kitchen is the heart of your home why not make it spectacular

Kitchen Remodel Finishes St. Louis MO

Have you ever walked into a friends kitchen and fallen in love with it? Dreaming about what it would be like to redo your kitchen.

Certainly we all have experienced kitchen envy at the homes of friends and family. When you experience that moment of fawning over someone kitchen is the key time to become aware of the finishes, accents and components you are most taken with.

The best source of kitchen design is your own experience and memory of the details of kitchens you love and hate. As much as we want hear about what you loved it is essential we know what you don’t like so we can be sure to avoid those.

Understanding you cooking and entertaining tendency helps to pick perfect finishes for your kitchen. If you do a lot of cooking and entertaining it is extremely important to choose finishes that are durable and easy to clean.

However, you have more of a showroom kitchen then it may lend itself to a broader spectrum of finishes.

Your finishes need to not only look good for years to come but give the feel and look you will love to look at every morning.

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Imagine taking a deep relaxing bubble bath soak in your new luxurious bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel Makeover Saint Louis

Besides serving a very needed and practical use in everyday life, bathrooms also tend to be the accents of home. They can take a plan home and make it pop. Or, they can detract from an otherwise sensational home.

When it comes to master suites the two main things are bath and bath. Not that space and closest aren’t important but it’s the bath that makes master suites sensational.

Whether it is master bath makeover, the kid’s bathroom redo or just a half bath remodel you want to pop when it’s done. It needs to look clean and comfortable. Functional for our daily tasks and, if you have children, the ability to efficiently handle multiple dueling children in the morning.

Showering, bathing, primping, makeup, teeth brushing, grooming… the bathroom is a multi-purpose room that has to be practical.

When it comes to affordable bathroom remodeling, Manchester Remodeling Pros knows how to give you the bath you want with in your budget and on time.

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Distinctive fixtures can be the game changer in creating your dream bathroom remodel

Bathroom Showroom Manchester MO

When you think of it, it’s kind of funny that we take so much pride in our bathrooms. Why is that we want a bathroom showroom? Why do people take so much pride in their baths?

Bathrooms are certainly central to our daily lives and we sure wouldn’t want to try to live without them.

But for some reason we just love to show off our bathrooms. In some respect they are like that little sanctuary in our home where we can go be alone, unless of course you have small children.

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You deserve a beautiful bath

There are special challenges when doing a bathroom make over. Typically bathrooms are smaller spaces yet they contain a lot items and require unique capabilities.

Additionally bathrooms can be luxurious and a place to unwind. Whether it’s a spa shower, an oversized whirlpool tub or just a long relaxing soak in a bubble bath, bathrooms are a space where we go to relax and relieve the stress of the day.

As you consider all the uses and versatility of bathrooms it becomes clearer why we take such pride in them. They serve much more than just a utilitarian function.

They offer luxury and comfort. They are in a sense a statement of your lifestyle and success.

As you can tell, Manchester Remodeling Pros understands the significance of remodeling a bathroom. You can rely on our experience and craftsmanship to give you an affordable bath renovation that you will want to show off to your guests.

Kitchen And Bath Store Near Me

Choosing the best kitchen and bath remodeling contractor is crucial to the ultimate success of your makeover.

Besides wanting someone who is reliable, honest and dependable you need someone who can partner with in your kitchen and bathroom design to make sure you get something that will blow away your family and friends.

When it comes to designing and delivering an signature kitchen and bath that is affordable, unique, functional and beautiful we are the premier home builder contractor in St. Louis, MO.

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Transform Your Basement Into The Ideal Place To Entertain Family And Friends

For the best home remodeling contractor in Manchester MO or the entire St. Louis Missouri area call Manchester Remodeling Pros for your free consultation and estimate.  Affordable home renovation done on budget and  on time.



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